Those who are interested to pursue the certified expert in Risk Management (CERM) course personally can apply for the program.

Joint Certification Programme

Certified Expert in Risk Management

Part A

(Conducted by Frankfurt School; 6months - E Learning)
  • Module 1: Introduction into Risk Management
  • Module 2: Governance of Risk in Financial Institution
  • Module 3: Risk Landscape in SME Risk and Micro Finance
  • Module 4: Risk-by-Risk Identification, Measurement and management
    • 4.1: Credit Risk
    • 4.2: Operational Risk
    • 4.3: Interest Rate Risk
    • 4.4: Foreign Exchange Risk
    • 4.5: Liquidity Risk
    • 4.6: Risk Management Policy Framework
  • Module 5: Systems and Outlook

Part B

(Conducted by BIBM, 3 months; 42 hour classes; 3 Credit hours, on campus)
  • Module 1: Identification of Risks in Banking in Bangladesh
  • Module 2: core risk Management Guidelines of Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank of Bangladesh) and Application of Basel Guideline in Bangladesh
  • Module 3: Credit Risk Management Practices of Bank in Bangladesh
  • Module 4: Market Risk Management Practices of Banks in Bangladesh
  • Module 5: Operational Risk Management Practices of Banks in Bangladesh

Administrative Details

For March Session (within 14th February)

For September Session (within 16th August)

Course Fee* : Part A
(Conducted by Frankfurt School; 6 months - E Learning)
The course fee is : EUR 1,300 (EUR 975 for members of BIBM)
the final exam fee is: EUR 50
Part B
(Conducted by BIBM; 3 months 42 hour classes; 3 Credit hours, on campus)
The course fee is : BDT 30,000 (including Final Exam fee)
EUR 350 (approx.)

*course fee applicable only for the joint program
Language: English. No translation will be provided.
Registration: Contact BIBM, Dhaka
Contact: Tel.: +88029003031-35/Ext: 113
Fax: +88029006756
Email: [email protected]

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